Quality furniture is worth maintaining properly.


Eventually, even the finest furniture finishes can become worn, faded, or damaged to the point where they need to be restored or refinished.

We specialize in furniture refinishing and restoration of antiques. All of our custom-made stains and glazes are hand-applied for a rich and beautiful effect. We use the finest lacquers and other appropriate clear finishes to protect and preserve your valued pieces.

When these custom colors and techniques are combined with our decades of experience, good things happen to your furniture! We will always give you our honest opinion about whether your furniture is intrinsically valuable enough to warrant refinishing.

We also understand that some pieces have value to you because of who they came from or what part of your life they represent. We give those items our most careful attention, because we all have things like that in our lives. These are the things that enhance the quality of our lives for reasons that only work for us.

No one likes surprises (at least not the bad kind). We take the time to discuss options and treatments that will give you the finished product you want at a reasonable price.